The Pope and the CEO: John Paul II’s Leadership Lessons to a Young Swiss Guard

This summer I had the pleasure of meeting Andreas Widmer and reading his engaging book, The Pope & The CEO. In the book, Widmer presents a compelling message intended especially for the Christian engaged in business. The subtitle (John Paul II’s Leadership Lessons to a Young Swiss Guard) captures the unique perspective from which Widmer weaves together anecdotes illustrating the lessons he learned from John Paul II. Many of anecdotes are from firsthand encounters with the late pontiff during Widmer’s service as a Swiss Guard. The book is not just reminiscences, however; it is about action here and now, about how principles exemplified by John Paul II can be applied to doing business today. To this end, Widmer provides action steps and questions for reflection. The executive desirous of integrating faith and business as well as the fan of JPII will find The Pope & the CEO a rewarding read.